Sunday, 18 November 2012

Aktiviti Bahasa Inggeris

1. Building Vocabulary Skills - Learn vocabulary words while sorting items that belong in each building.
Ini paparan games yang ada di laman web ini. Alangkah seronoknya kalau di kelas anda memiliki internet yang boleh diakses oleh kanak-kanak.
2. Colors - Each color has its own separate interactice page for the children to click on the objects to learn to recognize colors. Shapes, letters and numbers are also available here.
3. Color Room - Select the Mixing Room for the students. This is more of a class activity as the mouse skills may be above some students. Click and drag two colors into the machine and see what new color is made. Great site for discovering primary color mixes.
4. Color Room - Select the Sorting Room for the students. A class activity that gives critical thinking questions and asks students to find the combination colors of red and yellow, blue and yellow, etc.
5. Color Room - Select the Coloring Room for the students. Introduce site as whole class activity, then it can be used at Center Time. When students click on a primary color and paint a particular area, then click on another primary color and paint that same area, the color on the picture will show as the combination of those two primary colors.
6. Colors - The Shop of Colors - Story of colors, students select color that is named in the story.
7. Letterella - Meet the letters of the alphabet. Listen as Letterella sings each letter and pronounces each phoneme in words beginning with the letter
8. Listen and Learn English - Increase vocabulary with these basic concepts. Listen and match objects after learning their names. Great for ELL students!
9. Loosey Goosey Rhymes - Loosey Goosey letters keep falling off the words. Try to guess what letters are missing.
10. My Picture Dictionary - Pictures to help students recognize objects around them.

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