Sunday, 18 November 2012

Aktiviti Mengenal Bentuk

  1. Buzzing with Shapes (2 player game) - Be the first to fill a row (like tic-tac-toe). Players must select the number of sides in a shape.
  2. Colors, Shapes and Number Matching - Barney Site - Pick the shape, or number, that matches the objects with which Barney is playing.
  3. Colors and Shapes - States color and shape of objects. Sound effects helps students remember. Press a letter on the keyboard to go to the next shape. Gets students used to using the keyboard as an input objects instead of the mouse.
  4. Color the Shapes - Click on color paint and click on shape as directed.
  5. Find the Shape (Dragon Tales) - click on a shape matching the one held by the dragon
  6. Find the Shape in the Picture - Barney Site - Click on the shape that is in the picture that matches the one on the side.
  7. Fun With Shapes - Arrange the puzzle pieces by matching the colored shape to the puzzle piece.
  8. I Spy Shapes - Find the shapes within the picture and click on them.
  9. Oochy Goes to the Fair - Look at the shape on the sign and then match it by clicking on the one in the box that is the same.
  10. Oddball - Click on the one that is different

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